Advantages of Stand up Tanning Beds

Stand up tanning beds or booths have become very popular in recent years. Many people who like tanning are preferring to stand up tanning booths to get even tan and to look great. The Stand-up tanning beds allow you to stand instead of lying on the bed this is because this method produces even tan. The tanning process is also quick in this mode as most of these tanning booths will have stronger light bulbs that make the tanning session faster. But, many people don’t know how to stand in a tanning booth to get the best tanning results. However, the standing process is very simple, and you just need to follow simple steps to get perfect tanning.

Benefits of Tanning Booths:

The benefits of using the stand-up tanning booth are that it offers even tan and it allows you to stand in a capsule instead of lying down on the bed. Also, this method gives quick tanning results compared to a traditional tanning bed.  You can also get the perfect tan in a very few tanning sessions.

The sleek and comfortable tanning booths like SolarForce 652V takes maximum 10 minutes session to give you the perfect tan. It is one of the best choices as it allows you to get a tan when you want even on a very tight schedule.

The individuals who love to get regularly tanning prefer standup tanning bed, because, they are more comfortable compared to standard tanning beds. It keeps you cool with the fan fixed in the capsule and offers quick tanning process. Also, people who fear closed rooms also feel comfortable in stand up tanning beds than the lying down version.

Tanning Booth Safety:

The individual you like tanning should also know the importance of keeping their eye protection, should use proper eye protection like goggles that fits perfectly on your eyes before you use the tanning booth.  The goggles come with a strap that holds the goggles perfectly on your eye. But, some people use to wear a simple eyewear, which is good for laying down tanning bed but not for stand-up tanning booth

The other major thing you should remember is following the session time.  Remember, you should not get a tan every single day even in the natural sun.  When you tan your skin absorbs UV rays that stay for some days, but if you tan frequently, your skin gets damaged. The best way to use the standing booths is to use it on alternative days for the best and long lasting results.

Achieve Best Results:

When you are investing your money and time, then obviously you want to get the optimum tanning results when you use the stand-up tanning booth. To make sure that you get the required results, then you should follow some simple steps before you enter the capsule. It can make your skin smooth and produces even tan.

Before using the tanning booth, use a moisturizer that contains Vitamin D to keep your skin away from getting damaged. This vitamin D moisturizer protects your skin and repair skin cells.  Also, spread your legs apart when you stand in the booth and hold your arms over the head, this will help you get even tan to the entire body.

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