Get Stand up Tanning Bed Tips

Currently, Stand up tanning beds is gaining popularity because they are more convenient than a traditional tanning bed. Today, you can also find several businesspeople providing stand-up studios to the people who love to get tan regularly.  The stand-up tanning beds are perfect for, spas, fitness centers, and other places where the individuals can get maximum service in a limited time. You can find different range of stand-up tanning systems available on the market. You can also find the models in every budget, and you can choose the booth as per your budget limit.

Each and every individual preference is different, and they have different needs since to get maximum market every studio is providing at least one stand-up tanning system.  If you are looking for some useful tips and to find which is the best way is either lying bed or standing bed, then here you can find some of the useful Stand-up tanning bed tips that can help you how to get and use the service.

Looking for the Best Stand-up Tanning Salon

When you are planning for a tanning session, it is always best to take an appointment when you are visiting an established tanning booth.  You can search for the best tanning salon on the internet; you can find several websites that provide the details of the tanning salon in your location. Before selecting, you should also read reviews about the stand-up tanning services.  Make sure to choose the service that maintains hygiene, keeps the booth and the equipment clean. Also, you can call the salon customer service team to ask how often they change the light bulbs and the equipment.  It is needed because the new bulbs offer greater strength and stronger light so that you can finish your tanning session quickly.


Exfoliating or flake off is a very vital thing to consider. Because, before your tanning session, you should scale off or exfoliate dead skin cells, which you can do with a loofah and remove all dead skin cells from your body. Apply a moisturizer that contains Vitamin D before you enter the tanning booth; it will keep your skin smooth and damage free.  It can help you get even tan and also it will stay for longer period.

Use Protective Eyewear:

The lighting bulbs produce UV rays in the Stand-up tanning beds. The light bulbs emit powerful rays that can easily damage your eyes.  It is necessary to wear protective eyewear to safeguard your eye when you enter the tanning bed. These protective goggles can keep your eyes safe and helps you prevent damage. Even if you forgot to bring your goggles, you don’t need to worry the stand-up tanning salons provide a pair of goggles. Remember, you can never enter the tanning salon without wearing a shielding eyewear.

When you are getting tan for the first day, then do not stay in the booth more than eight minutes.  If you want to get tan again, then wait at least 48 hours before going back to the salon, and stay for 10 minutes. It is advisable to go on alternate days if you are not satisfied with your tan burn and increase the time 2mins for every next visit.

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