How to Lay in a Tanning Bed

Many people want to know how to lay in a tanning bed, and this is something which everybody should be aware because it is an important to lay properly on a tanning bed so that the UV rays will spread evenly and the entire body get tan equally.  You should lay down on your back, and after a sometimes turnaround, this periodic reposition helps you get even tan.

According to the professionals, you should stretch both arms and place it above your head and also keep your legs apart to avoid crease lines.  You should keep moving your legs and hands during the tanning session so that it helps you avoid pressure points and ridge lines. Pressure points, including shoulder blades and tailbone, are where the body relaxes when you lay on the tanning bed. The experts suggest that the tanners must lift and raise their shoulders so that they can move their arms sideways during the entire tanning session, these movements can help them expose that area to the UV lights so that the whole body gets an even tan.

You may thing that a tanning bed is a risk-free device, but, if you don’t know how to lay on a tanning bed, then you may have to face the consequences. The tanning bed is not simple equipment; it is dangerous medical equipment unless you know how to use it safely.  The tanning booth contains powerful UV lights, which emits intense UV rays to produce a tan. When you lay on the tanning bed, the UV rays fall on your body, which is not good for health. When you are getting a tan, you should consider the UV rays very seriously as your skin is closer to the source and you will lay in a closed booth.  That is why it is very important to know the techniques for resting in a tanning bed will not only assure even tan but also protects your eyes and skin.

How to Lay Down in a Tanning Bed:

Put goggles that fit perfectly on your eyes before you enter the tanning booth or be. You should you proper eyewear; you cannot just close your eyes while you are resting on the tanning bed. If you do not wear safety eye goggles during tanning session, the UV light rays can severely damage your eyes.

Relax on your back and stretch out your arms by your sides and keep your palms up. This position will make sure that you will get full tanning on your front part of the body.  Do not rest your arms or hands against by your body it may cause uneven tanning. Turn over onto your stomach and put your arms or hands by your side, and place your palms down. Keep your arms above your head when you are resting on your back instead of keeping them down by your sides. It can help you get even tan; otherwise, the skin under your arms will not get tanned. Also, you can place your arms above your head in both ways, including back resting and front resting to avoid an uneven tan.

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