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How to Use Stand Up Tanning Booth

Stand up tanning beds are provides stronger UV light than usual or traditional tanning beds. That is why it is very important to apply the moisturizing lotion before and after tanning to keep your skin away from damage. Also, after the tanning, there are more chances of getting dry skin symptoms, to avoid that you should apply lotion continuously to keep your skin hydrated. You should also exfoliate the dead skin before you enter the stand-up tanning booth. When you scale off the dead skin, then you can expect more even tan.

Before entering the tanning booth, every individual must wear safety goggles to protect their eyes. The goggles should fit perfects, and if you want to prevent tan lines, then wear a swim suit and stand strongly and correctly by keeping your arms over the head, and keep your legs apart, and bend your back.  The Stand-up tanning bed allows you to move around the booth to get an even tan.

Before entering the training booth, undress and apply the moisturizing lotion to the body and put protective eyewear that fits perfectly. As you are using the stand-up tanning bed, you must make sure that the eyewear is strapped properly so that it won’t fall off.  The individuals with long hair must knot it up or put a high-ponytail to make sure that you tan your shoulders and back of the neck evenly

Enter the tanning booth and switch on the machine.  In most booths, usually, you just need to push a button to turn on the machine. You can ask for help or look for any specific instructions on the machine, in case you are not sure how to on the machine.

Once you enter the booth, you can see the loops over your head, and put your hand in those loops.  In every stand-up tanning booth you will find these loops, in case, if the booth does not provide, then put your arms over your head during the tanning process.

On the bottom of the machine, you will see the symbol where you have to put your feet, at that spot put your feet. Each tanning booth has their indication marks, and they use different ways, but you will see two’ X’ marks in most booths.  If you do not find any marks, then just stand in the center of the capsule and keep your feet apart (approximately a foot)

Stand-up tanning salons are very beneficial and convenient tool to use if you know exactly how to use the stand-up tanning bed and how to make proper use of its benefits. You just need to follow the right direction and steps, and soon you can see the required results.

The important thing to remember is, get FDA approved eyewear only; you can buy them at any tanning booth. You must wear the protected eyewear whenever the tanning bed is operating. Do not use regular sunglasses; they do not protect your eyes from powerful UV light. The other important thing you should remember is, do not operate the tanning booth when you are wet or near water